Globe Primary children figure it out with Lloyds Numbers Partners volunteers

City insurance volunteer Aura Radu at Globe Primary with Year 4's Umad, Maisha and Aleena

City insurance volunteer Aura Radu at Globe Primary with Year 4's Umad, Maisha and Aleena - Credit: TH Education & Business Partnership

Children at a primary school in London’s East End have new board games from business volunteers in the City to help polish up their maths skills.

The volunteers from Lloyd’s insurance market take part in a Number Partners programme where they are matched up with Year 4 youngsters in Tower Hamlets schools and meet them once a week to play maths-related board games or complete work sheets, all based on numbers.

The Lloyd’s staff brought new games for Bethnal Green’s Globe Primary to be “road tested”.

Three classmates—Rudy Hudson, Nusrat Malik and Amreen Rahman—tried out the Magic Carpet game with volunteer Nav Haque.

Rudy explained: “You have to spin the spinner, then ‘times’ whatever number it lands on by three, put your counter on that number and try and get three more on the same square.”

Another three classmates—Fizah Hussain, Nafisah Rahman and Tahia Maliyat—were putting a multiplication game called Times Square through its paces with volunteer John Williams.

Nafisah said: “You have to ‘times’ the two numbers on the spinners and then try and get all your counters in one line.”

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Young Fizah’s verdict on volunteer John: “He’s the best. He helps us with our numbers—but sometimes we help him!”

Some 800 volunteers take part in the Number Partners project, organised by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership.

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