GPs queue in Canary Wharf to see heart surgeons

Doctors wanting to attend a ‘master’ class on heart surgery had a taste of their own medicine with a waiting list before they could see the surgeon.

The one-day seminar on cardiology at Canary Wharf was swamped by 240 GPs wanting to take part.

Organisers from the London Independent Hospital at Stepney Green had to hire an extra room at the Four Seasons Hotel and set up a video link at the last minute.

“We were completely surprised by the massive response we had,” said BMI London Regional Director Peter Goddard. “They all wanted to meet and hear from some of the top cardiologists who work at our hospital.”

Dr Charles Knight said afterwards: “Inter-action between consultants and GPs will be increasingly important with the Government’s healthcare reforms. It is important for consultants to meet GPs to learn from and share our knowledge.”

Interactive sessions were tailored to primary care and how to treat patients at the surgery with common topics GPs deal with daily, such as blackouts and palpitations, breathlessness and angina.