Gut feeling and snot for young science lovers in ‘The Cell’ at Whitechapel

Whitechapel's Centre of the Cell

Whitechapel's Centre of the Cell - Credit: QM Uni

Children are being spoilt for choice in the summer holidays at east London’s Centre of the Cell—with sessions on “the glorious gut” to “marvellous muscles” and even bowel movement.

Queen Mary University’s science education hub in Newark Street, Whitechapel, is running workshops and family shows.

Gut Feeling staged today (Thurs) takes them on the weird journey of a breakfast as it gets chomped and chewed in the mouth, pushed through the oesophagus, churned in stomach acids, absorbed in the intestines and met by the toilet bowl.

Muscling In next Monday explores the wonders of muscles, bones and ligaments, to discover how bodies turn fuel into action and what it takes to swing a bat.

Workshops on “snot, sick, scabs, teeth and the senses” are also taking place.

All events include a chance to go inside the cell-shaped pod (pictured above) suspended over the laboratories of the Blizard Institute.

Activities and shows are for ages seven and older, but those under 14 have to be with an adult.