Half-mooners of Limehouse set to join 70-mile Nightrider London’s mass bikeride

Half Moon nightriders Euan Borland and Beccy Allen

Half Moon nightriders Euan Borland and Beccy Allen - Credit: Half Moon theatre

Staff at London’s famous Half Moon theatre are getting on their bikes to join a mass 70-mile night-time ride to raise money for worthy causes.

The ‘half mooners’ want to buy a new van to replace their old bone-shaker they use in their touring work with children.

While London sleeps, 2,500 cyclists are set to raise £1 million in one night for hundreds of charities, including the Half Moon at Limehouse.

Nightrider London is an annual moonlit cycle run that passes 50 famous landmarks such as the Tower of London.

“I am a little nervous about cycling 70 miles at night,” the theatre’s creative learning producer Beccy Allen admits.

“I’m training to tackle the hills—but am no fan of hills. It’s going to be an exhausting night.”

The ride starts 11pm on Saturday week, June 4, from Lee Valley VeloPark, passing the Olympic Park, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. The 100km route takes riders directly past the Half Moon in White Horse Road.

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Half Moon’s director Chris Elwell said: “It’s a huge undertaking cycling round London at night, which shows the staff’s commitment.”

The 10 ‘half-mooners’ want to replace the ageing van they’ve been using for 15 years. A new vehicle would ferry costumes and props around schools and community centres for their outreach work.

Wellwishers can support #TeamHalfMoon online at their My Donate website page.