Hetty Bower, 106, attends school commemoration of the battle of Cable Street

Pupils of Langdon Park School were joined by 106-year-old peace campaigner Hetty Bower last week for a performance based around the Battle of Cable Street.

Year 8 pupils performed role-plays, dances and read poems to commemorate the battle of Cable Street, which took place in 1936 when Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists marched through the East End and were met with anti-fascist protestors.

Among those protestors was Hetty Bower, who is the oldest survivor of the battle, and who has since dedicated her life to campaigning for peace.

The school invited her to attend, and she spoke to the pupils about the battle, and the importance of campaigning against intolerance.

Teacher Jim Lamey, who organised the event, paid tribute to her extraordinary spirit and passion.

He said: “She has single-mindedly struggled for peace and justice, but she never talks about her achievements. The response the kids gave her was the best thing about the whole event - it was a fantastic atmosphere.

“It was such an inspiring event, which we will build upon next year and something which the kids will have learned from.”