Housing association rejects plans to save historic Jewish hospital

A housing association seeking to demolish the East End’s last surviving Jewish hospital has rejected a compromise proposal to safe some of its buildings.

Director of Jewish Heritage UK Sharman Kadish had written to Peabody to suggest the “well-built” cottages to the left of the main building on Underwood Road. Whitechapel, are retained.

But Peabody’s chief executive Stephen Howlett has suggested the houses are not big enough to accommodate the number of residential units they want to build.

Mr Howlett responded in a letter: “We’ve reviewed a number of options that involve retention of existing buildings. “We have however reached the conclusion none of these options are feasible as they would impact both on the number of homes and the layout of any residential scheme.”

A council letter to campaigners, who have set up a petition at www.residents-first.co.uk, against the demolition

says the council will make a decision on a ‘prior notification’ for demolition before October 19.