Kids make it to Tower of London finals in Lloyds youth money challenge

Enterprising youngsters from London’s deprived East End have made it to the finals of a national bank money-saving awards being staged at the Tower of London next week.

They impressed a panel of judges from the world of banking in the Lloyds TSB ‘Money for Life’ competition earlier this month and have now got through to the finals on April 18.

Two teams of young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 24 are in the finals from Tower Hamlets, a youth theatre and an internet ‘savvy boutique’ advice line.

Act Now Cardboard Citizerns’ theatre in Whitechapel came up with a project addressing the issues of homelessness and financial exclusion that many of their peers suffer. They devised a ‘forum theatre’ play, which they took on tour to venues where young homeless people live.

The other team was Bella’s Boutique which set up an online guide to being fashion savvy while saving money. The website which has already received 20,000 views gives hints and tips on how to customise old clothes and accessories and advice on how to look good on a budget.

The projects were among 250 up and down the country launched in December. Tomorrow’s winning team gets £1,000 and goes on to the UK Grand Final on May 23.

The contest is part of Lloyd’s ‘Money for Life’ programme with further education bodies such as Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel.