'Tokyo Olympics? Tough call after Covid,' says Montell Douglas

Mondell Douglas... inspiring pupils to be "Olympic champs of tomorrow"

Mondell Douglas... inspiring pupils to be "Olympic champs of tomorrow" - Credit: Old Ford Primary

Champion Montell Douglas revealed how mentally straining the pandemic has been on Team GB training for the Tokyo Olympic Games when she visited a Tower Hamlets school to inspire "the athletes of tomorrow". 

The gold medal winner sprinted into Old Ford Academy to talk to pupils about fitness and nutrition as a former 100-meter British record holder.

“British athletes put so much into getting ready for the Olympics,” she explained. “They have had to extend training by a year due to the pandemic — which has been mentally and physically challenging.  

“But we hope  to inspire the pupils and give them confidence to take on their own challenges to be tomorrow's champions.” 

Montell was part of Team GB at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  

Mondell Douglas meets Principal Kevin Jones... at a social distance.

Mondell Douglas meets Principal Kevin Jones... at a social distance. - Credit: Old Ford Primary

Old Ford Primary's principal Kevin Jones said: “Her visit was a chance for pupils to focus on resilience and dedication to be a champion and to learn about how important fitness and nutrition are to achievement.”  

The school, which is in Wright’s Road, off Roman Road, has started a project through Sports For Champions to inspire next generation athletes.