Most London kids now get ‘first choice’ when starting school

More parents are getting their kids into the primary school of their choice in the East End than in most parts of London.

Nearly nine-out-of-10 ‘first’ choices are successful in Tower Hamlets, according to latest Government figures.

Tower Hamlets is the fourth most successful of all the 33 London boroughs with 86 per cent of children starting school in September having gained a place at their top choice, under a new all-London admissions scheme.

Almost 3,200 applications were received and 95 per cent of families got a place at one of their top three choices.

Tower Hamlets Schools director Isobel Cattermole said: “This has led to a fairer distribution with more parents getting an offer from one of their chosen schools at the earliest stage.”

Seven-out-of-10 families across London gained a place at their first choice through the new system being used for the first time this year.

Parents now fill in a single application form, even if they are applying for schools in more than one borough, listing up to six in order of preference which is only used if the child is offered a place at more than one school.