MP delivers petition calling on Palestinian statehood

The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow joined other MPs and dignitaries in delivering a petition to Downing Street this week.

Rushanara Ali also spoke at a rally at Whitehall calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to recognise Palestine statehood.

Ms Ali said: “The international community has long recognised that a two-state solution is the best possible outcome from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s time we recognised that officially and made clear our firm support for an independent Palestine as well as a secure Israel.”

“Recognising Palestine as a state is a key first step in this process. Israel’s statehood has never been considered an impediment to negotiations and I agree with the many people who are arguing that Palestinian statehood should not be either. I would urge the British Government to recognise Palestine, as it has committed to do, continue to provide vital humanitarian assistance to the area, and say yes to the Palestinian people.”

Palestine will today make an application to the UN to be recognised as a state and full-member but the United States has threatened a veto in the Security Council.

A general Assembly resolution is likely to be passed which, while having little legal effect, would be an important symbolic step, according to Ms Ali’s office.