Mum loses baby after flat flood

A pregnant mother has lost her baby after trying to stop water flooding her flat.

Sirin Day miscarried after she fell off a chair while attempting to reach buckets on top of her kitchen cabinets to catch drips leaking through her ceiling.

Ms Day, 37, of Ivanhoe House, Grove Road, says she had been trying to get her housing association, Old Ford Housing, and their repair contractors, Mears, to sort out a leak at her maisonette for more than a month before the fall on Sunday, September 18.

Sirin said: “I’ve lost my baby.

“I’m so depressed and constantly crying. I’ve been calling Old Ford Housing and Mears for a month and they took no action.

“The leak got much bigger because they didn’t do anything.”

The single mother-of-two had placed buckets on top of her kitchen cabinets to catch water dripping through from her bathroom above.

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She was taken by ambulance to A&E but was sent home after a check- up, she said.


Three days later, Ms Day, who was 10 weeks’ pregnant, lost the baby.

After the Advertiser got in touch with Old Ford Housing, workers fixed the leak.

Managing director of Old Ford Housing Association, June Morton, said: “We are sorry the repairs were not completed first time by our contractor and have launched a full investigation.

“Our resident’s wellbeing is our priority and we are concerned about how this work was handled.”

A Mears spokesman said the company would support the investigation.