New Birthday toddlers’ nursery in Stepney Green gets an Ofsted present as ‘outstanding’

Stepney's New Birthday toddlers' nursery

Stepney's New Birthday toddlers' nursery - Credit: New Birthday nursery

A new pre-school nursery just opened in London’s East End has been declared “outstanding” by Ofsted inspectors.

Stepney Green’s New Birthday nursery in Copley Street, which only opened last April, is already over-subscribed with 22 babes and toddlers attending the daily sessions originally opened with 17 places.

The Ofsted education watchdog has found the nursery, which takes children from six months up to school age, successful in promoting care and learning.

The nursery uses incisive self-evaluation to identify gaps that arise and take prompt action to maintain good provision, inspectors found.

Staff use their knowledge of how children learn to provide inspiring activities that enthuse, excite and engage their curiosity and imagination. The children develop high levels of independence, concentration and perseverance, making progress from their starting points.

“Staff and parents work well together to support children’s wellbeing and learning,” the Ofsted report says. Manager Michaela Howard and her staff have “an extremely sharp focus on checking learning and progress”, using meticulous observations of what children know and can do, to swiftly identify gaps and take prompt action. The nursery prepares children exceptionally well for their next stages in learning, including their move to school.

Owner Moranda Watson who runs another nursery at East Ham is planning her third in Barkingside later this year.