New Toghl play kit shows kids the ropes at Poplar’s Spotlight youth space

New play equipment at Poplar's Spotlight centre teaches East End kids the ropes [picture: Carmen Val

New play equipment at Poplar's Spotlight centre teaches East End kids the ropes [picture: Carmen Valino] - Credit: TH Council

A new play kit for children and teenagers has been installed in London’s East End which comes without instructions or expectations — and no electricity is required!

The Toghl equipment designed for ages nine and above stretches their imagination and gives them opportunities to express themselves in a creative way.

The tailor-made kit installed at Poplar’s Spotlight creative youth space was commissioned by Tower Hamlets council to bring youngsters together as part of a project with Poplar Harca housing organisation.

The youngsters got busy on the day in was unveiled, building whatever came into their heads—threading ropes through holes in the planks to make tepees, castles, rockets, ramps, racing cars, planes and even little houses.

The Spotlight centre in Hay Currie Street, next to Langdon Park DLR station, works with the local authority’s integrated services for disabled children, helping to make sure they can take part in all activities, including the latest Toghl kit.

It offers a range of activities that are open to all disabled as well as able-bodied youngsters which are supported by a trained team.

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These activities include dance, performance, boxing, fashion and bread baking.

Spotlight also offers studio, film, design and broadcast facilities — and all free to those aged 11 to 19.

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