Paradigm Trust takes over CET Primary Tower Hamlets school as term begins

One of the first private primary schools in London’s East End has been taken over by the Paradigm Trust as the new term starts.

The trust has taken control of Bow’s CET Primary Tower Hamlets which has now been renamed Solebay Primary Academy to reflect the transfer.

“We understand that change is unsettling for everyone,” Paradigm Trust executive principal Amanda Phillips said.

“Parents will have questions for us and we will seek to reassure them every step of the way.

“We believe any changes will have a positive impact on pupils at the school.

“Every child should have equal access to knowledge, skills, opportunities, aspirations and life chances.”

Solebay Primary will “provide the education the pupils deserve”, the trust pledged.

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The co-educational non-denomination school originally opened with 75 places in two Reception classes and a Year-1 class in temporary accomodation in the Kirtland centre, before moving last year to its permanent site in Coburn Street, off Bow Road, with plans to expand to 350 places.

Paradigm Trust claims a strong track record of “excellent standards” in its schools and believes it is capable of delivering similar results to Solebay Primary.