Physics teacher starts campaign for new East London Science school

A petition has been started by a physics teacher to set up a science specialist free school in East London for 1,000 pupils.

The school would offer all pupils three science subjects until the age of 16—regardless of ability.

David Perks has been out collecting signatures in Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Newham for his petition.

“Many parents see the need for a new non-selective school in East London run like a grammar school,” he said.

“Our decision to offer separate sciences for all pupils has been a real selling point, with a rigorous academic education irrespective of a pupil’s background or ability.”

He has less than a month before the deadline to submit a formal application to the Department of Education on February 24, aiming to open the school in September next year with a full complement of 1,000 pupils including a sixth form of 400 by 2014.

Pupils would have an academic curriculum focusing on the sciences and maths, but also covering modern languages, Classics and music.

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A number of possible sites are beign looked at in Tower Hamlets Newham, but details are not being released yet.

The campaigners have set up a website for parents to register support: