Pint sized Beefeater at Tower of London

A PINT-SIZED Beefeater was on guard at the Tower of London last Sunday (24 October).

Gabriella Burns, 7, put on her own miniature-sized version of the legendary Beefeater uniform to perform her duties at the historic London palace.

Gabriella won the once-in-a-lifetime experience after her parents read about the Beefeater for the Day competition in a national newspaper and put her name forward.

The young recruit, from West Sussex, spent a packed day at the palace, shadowing Yeoman Sergeant Phil Wilson and learning about the role of Yeoman Warders.

After formally opening up the Tower in the morning Gabriella was treated to a private tour of the Crown Jewels and visited the tomb of Sir Thomas More.

In the afternoon, she took part in the Ceremony of the Word - a daily changing password used for centuries to gain entry to the Tower after nightfall, before enjoying tea at a Beefeater’s house in the Tower.

Residents of Tower Hamlets can claim a discounted entry to the Tower of London of just �1 on proof of identity of residence.