Tokyo 2020: Poplar children have their own 'Olympics'

Mini Olympics... coming home to Poplar

Children have been taking part in an 'Olympics' in Poplar. - Credit: Not Just Sport

Meet Poplar’s own junior “Olympic” team which didn’t make it to Tokyo — but took part in their own 'Games' at Woolmore Primary School instead. 

It is part of a summer school for up to 60 children, run by Wesley Driskel's sports coaching company. 

He’s teamed up with Woolmore to stage their own competition in football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, badminton and even golf. 

Such craft... making Olympic torches

Such craft... making Olympic torches - Credit: Not Just Sport

They also have arts and crafts for making Olympic torches. 

“This summer project is helping many families in such a difficult time,” Wesley explained. 

“Families are struggling, so we provide a fun and safe environment — and it’s all free, with hot meals thrown in.” 

Wesley Driskel... ready on the field with youngsters to begin mini Olympics

Wesley Driskel... ready on the field with youngsters to begin mini Olympics - Credit: Not Just Sport

Wesley’s Not Just Sport company has specialist coaches running PE in schools as well as arts and crafts sessions, currently taking on a Tokyo Olympics theme.