Queen Mary’s toenail fungus cakes to make you think about what you eat

Bakers and medical experts are staging a ‘disease and anatomy’ cake festival to make people think more about whatever they eat does to the body.

The ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ festival by London University’s Queen Mary College next month wants the public to stay healthy with its “anatomically correct” cakes, cookies and cocktails.

Edible treats on sale include ‘toenail fungus’ cookies, ‘polycystic kidney’ cakes and ‘anatomical’ macaroons, with leaflets and photographs of what each cake on sale represents and awareness of blood donations, transplants and the dangers of alcohol abuse and smoking.

‘Mole’ cupcakes, for example, will be sold with information about melanomas, the dangers of sun-beds and how to check moles for malignancy.

The ‘festival’ from October 26 to 28 at St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum at Queen Mary’s West Smithfield campus near St Paul’s also shows that often taboo subjects can still inspire people who would never normally ‘bone up’ on such topics.