Queen Mary pledges to support the community’s economy and quality of life

Queen Mary University is in Mile End. Pic: QMU

Queen Mary University is in Mile End. Pic: QMU - Credit: Archant

Queen Mary University has pledged to put the economy and quality of life of the community as the top of its list of priorities.

The university in Mile End, is one of two in London that have made the vow by signing a new Civic University Agreement (CUA).

The agreement is a key recommendation from a report published this week about how universities such as Queen Mary have the capability, opportunity and responsibility to support their local communities and help tackle pressing issues.

Queen Mary currently runs a legal advice centre that offers pro-bono legal support to those in need, and it also hosts a festival every year to bring all communities together.

Professor Colin Bailey, principal of Queen Mary, said: “We are proud of our strong commitment to social justice, which has always underpinned the work we do.

“We look forward to continuing to work with our local community and building upon these firm foundations with the Civic University Agreement.”