School chiefs face the sack at ‘failing’ Whitechapel primary

Kobi Nazrul Primary School in Whitechapel

Kobi Nazrul Primary School in Whitechapel - Credit: Archant

Moves have begun to sack the entire governing body at an East End primary school after shock exam results and record falling standards.

Tower Hamlets Council wants to replace all 15 governors at Whitechapel’s failing Kobi Nazrul Primary.

It follows an emergency Ofsted inspection carried out on June 2 after the school in Settles Street returned the East End’s worst-ever SATs results.

The Town Hall had already intervened and designated Kobi Nazrul as “a school causing concern”, which led to a rift with the governing body.

“We’ve made repeated representations to the governors about the need for improvements,” education director Robert McCulloch-Graham said.

“But the council has unfortunately been left with no option but to apply to the Secretary of State for permission to replace the entire governing body with an interim executive board responsible for overseeing the school’s transformation.

“We are in consultation with the governing body and intend to apply to the Education Secretary on July 3.”

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Several governors involved in its governance and leadership have decided to resign to allow the authority to introduce new management – but others say they won’t quit.

“A number of governors unfortunately have refused to resign, including the chair of governors,” Mr McCulloch-Graham added. “This requires the council to seek approval from the Secretary of State to introduce an interim board.”

The council sent a formal warning notice to the governors last year, but has had to wait for the Education Secretary’s agreement “before the drastic measures to save the school can go ahead.”

The headteacher and governors were not available for comment this week. Calls to the school on Monday were not being answered – just a recorded message.

Ofsted’s emergency report comes out at the end of July. An Ofsted statement confirmed: “The inspection on June 2 was carried out due to concerns raised about the school and its performance.”

Kobi Nazrul’s website boasts of “effective teaching and learning” in an atmosphere of “high performance and continuing improvements with clear action focused leadership.”

That’s not what the education authority has found with the poor SATs results. It hopes Kobi Nazrul can be returned “to the excellent school it was two years ago.”

The council claims a good track record transforming failing schools – and taking tough action if they don’t cooperate.

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