Senrab FC return from World Youth Cup in Sweden

Youth football team Senrab FC’s club secretary Tony Carroll has described their recent participation in the World Youth Cup in Sweden as an “awesome trip.”

The 13 adults and 62 youth players from the club who travelled to the competition in Gothenburg, Sweden, returned on Sunday. Despite ongoing financial struggles, they were able to attend after tournament organisers waived the costs of entry and accommodation, Crossrail donated �2,500 towards travel costs, and player’s families contributed �150 each.

Mr Carroll, who this evening receives an award from the Essex FA for 30 years serving youth football, was grateful for the opportunity to compete at such a high level.

“It was an awesome, awesome trip from our point of view, and the kids have been blown away by it. It was the most magnificent thing I’ve ever been to in my life.

“I’m just so glad we went, and it’s opened our eyes to how high quality youth football can be.”

The tournament featured teams from 80 countries around the world. Senrab faced teams from Japan, Australia, Iceland amongst other countries, and many of the teams they came up against were associated with professional clubs.

Mr Carroll added: “The standard of the competition was so high, and we would love to go back next year if we can.”