Soaring 93pc A-level pass-rate for Tower Hamlets college

Students at Tower Hamlets College in London’s East End have gained a pass rate of 93 per cent across all A-Level subjects, with four getting straight A grades in their A2 Levels.

Ten courses achieved 100 per cent pass, including Government & Politics, Communication & Culture, Economics, Chemistry and History.

One outstanding pupil was Latvian-born Aleksandra Onufrena, 18, ecstatic with her two A* grades in Maths and Further Maths, an A in Physics and a B in Chemistry—she wants to design planes.

“I’m so happy,” she said, waving her grade notifications. “I now know that I definitely have my place at Imperial University to study aeronautical engineering.”

Rahida Khatum, from Poplar, went through a harrowing moment when she opened her envelope today. She feared not getting her grades for university.

“I didn’t think I’d do so well—I was ill during my exams,” she explained. “But now I’ve got my grades I’m really happy.”

Rahida—with an A in sociology, B in psychology and C in English Literature—made a quick phone call and learned she has a place at City Uni to study law.

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Three pals who studied chemistry A-level together are off in different directions to universities across London after getting the results they wanted.

Akther Khanam got two As in maths and chemistry and a B in biology, which gets her on a maths degree course at Queen Mary’s, a five-minute walk from her home in Stepney Green. She wants to be a teacher.

Farjana Forida, from Poplar, got three Bs in chemistry, maths and sociology and is heading to Kingston to study pharmacy.

Zilufa Aktar, who got two As in chemistry and statistics and a B in biology, sees her way clear to City University to study optometry.

“We all met here and are the best of friends,” said Zulifa. “We’re like the Three Musketeers—we’ll always be pals.”

Jamie Lewis was high on success, the tallest student in college at 6ft 8ins—and one of the youngest.

The 17-year-old got three As and two Bs in his AS levels and goes on to A-Levels next year—but already tutors are predicting he’ll be a ‘star’ student. He hopes eventually to go to Cambridge to study maths.

“I didn’t work that hard in science and only got a B,” he admitted. “I lost my drive for awhile. But I’ve got it back and will steam ahead for my A-levels next year.”

He owes his love of maths to his teacher at Poplar’s Langdon Park Secondary, Jenifer Bovell, who Jamie describes as “amaizing.”

Meanwhile, he is spending his summer holiday as a door-to-door solar panel salesman—a “dodgy job,” he says, but he calculates it bringing in �200 a week plus commission, which he is saving towards his university fees.

Valdermar Martins had a wide grin when he opened his envelope—three distinctions for his BTec Diploma in business studies.

He has already signed a year’s internship with KPMG accountants in Canary Wharf—now he has two offers from university places at Westminster and Kingston as well.

“I’m going to defer my uni place till I finish at KPMG,” he said. “Having a year’s experience at the world’s fourth largest firm of accountants will be useful.

“I’m not scared of the university fees going up next year—if you’re passionate about studying, you’ll earn good salaries with a good degree.”

He wants to study international business management with Chinese as a language—he sees China becoming the world’s next big economy.

The Angola-born student already speaks fluent Portuguese, his native tongue, and is confident he’ll master Chinese and become a major player on the world business stage.