Speech-winner aged 14 has tips for Cameron’s government on next week’s budget

Personal attitudes are just as much to blame for Britain’s troubled economy as government actions, according to 14-year-old Kate Nwokorrie.

It’s an opinion of a young East End schoolkid that appears to carry some weight.

Kate used the argument to win the Tower Hamlets Public Speaking Competition at Lloyd’s Old Library in the City.

“We want everything now,” she argued. “We’re not saving and there’s no thought for the future.”

The Year-10 pupil from Shadwell’s Bishop Challenor Secondary called on the government “to take the lead—all eyes are on them and the growth of the economy relies on their decisions.”

Her winning topic was whether the deficit should be reduced—“if so, how, if not, why not?”

Nine students from seven East End secondary schools made the final round of this year’s Lloyd’s contest.

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Sarah Fox from Morpeth was second for her speech on assisted suicide, Wahid Ali from Swanlea was third arguing that graffiti is art.

Other finalists were Forhad Alom from Langdon Park, Alfie Green from Raines Foundation, Nida Jafri from George Green’s, Nyomi Messiah and Robert Nnaji from Bishop Challoner and Saadaq Said from Stepney Green. They all get a tour of the Houses of Parliament in the summer.