St Paul’s and Shapla primary schools given £5,000 play area cash boost

Schoolchildren in Wapping are to benefit from a £5,000 cash injection for new play equipment.

St Paul’s and Shapla Primary Schools, both in Wellclose Square, are set to receive £2,500 each following construction work undertaken in their vicinity.

Deputy headteacher at St Paul’s Darren Rubin confirmed the money would be used for new equipment, to be installed at Easter.

“Our playground is surprisingly barren at the moment and there is no play equipment”, he said.

“We are really grateful to have the money as every bit helps and ultimately it’s about creating a space that is really good for our children to play in. We do some lovely things in our school but the playground has been a neglected area and we intend to transform it for the better.”

Premises manager at Shapla Primary School John Lovett said the cash would help pay the bill for a £25,000 renovation carried out last year.