Students given tablets to help with their studies at University of East London

All first-year students have been given Tablet and Notepad devices downloaded with eBooks by the University of East London.

Some 4,000 UEL ‘freshers’ received Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 customised to their individual academic needs.

The devices come preloaded with core e-textbooks and links to the university’s online library and other student resources.

The technology package is aimed at making sure students use their time better by no longer having to travel to and from the library with heavy books.

“We are providing them with a state-of-the-art learning platform for the duration of their studies,” UEL Vice-Chancellor Prof John Joughin explained. “This ensures there’s a level playing field for all students.”

The free devices were handed out during UEL’s Freshers’ Week, as part of its Progress Bursary programme. The university has so far invested £2 million in technology to help studies.

Sambino Albino, an anthropology student from Italy, one of the first to be presented with a device, said: “I didn’t expect to be given a Tablet—they’re still using textbooks where I come from.”

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It is the first time that a whole year group has been given Tablet devices loaded with texts for their course, saving them having to buy the books themselves as many east London students are struggling to make university ends meet.