Sure Start centre in Tower Hamlets cancels children activities

Parents have been left feeling “sad” and “frustrated” after a children’s centre in Tower Hamlets appear to have closed.

Earlier this year the council announced there would be no closures of children centres despite budget cuts.

But according to parents children’s activities and classes at Little Oaks Children’s centre in Bethnal Green have been cancelled without clear information about what is happening to the Sure Start centre. Calls to the centre in Pelter street are being diverted to Meath Gardens children’s centre in Smart Street, Mile End.

Mums Kate Levick, 34, and Jyotie Khan, 32, have both been taking their babies to classes such as baby massage and sensory baby activities at the centre, which also ran parenting support services. They both said the centre had been “really important” for getting out with their babies and meeting other mums.

Kate, whose baby Fergus is nine months said: “It’s really sad and frustrating. There has been no information about what is happening. It’s a very difficult situation for staff who seem to be unable to say what’s happening. It’s obviously not being managed very well.”

The council has yet to clarify whether the centre is closed.