Tab Centre’s Art for All charity stages art for all at St Botolph’s in Bishopsgate

Art for All... London Bridge by Paulette Lewis

Art for All... London Bridge by Paulette Lewis - Credit: Art for All

Works of art by teenagers and adults with learning disabilities in London’s East End which are soon going on public show in the City include unique collages of life as experienced by the young artists themselves.

Art for All... People and places

Art for All... People and places - Credit: Art for All

Among the works is a collage of London Bridge and the surrounding City created by Paulette Lewis (top picture), whose disabled son regularly attends workshops run by East London’s Arts for All charity.

Her screenprint is one of a collection of works on show at St Botolph’s Church in Bishopsgate next Wednesday evening.

The charity runs regular workshops at the Tab Centre, housed in the Shoreditch Tabernacle in Hackney Road.

The charity’s manager, Caroline Barlow, said: “The project has been a real boost to everyone taking part—they benefit in many ways when you add creativity into their lives.”

The three-hour exhibition, a showcase of its arts mission of inclusion for people of all ages and abilities, opens 5pm on May 28 at St Botolph’s, next to Liverpool Street main-line station.

Arts For All also runs after-school clubs in east London, where its junior painting programme members have held 12 exhibitions so far, including the House of Commons and The Guildhall—and getting all the proceeds from the sale of their paintings.