Teens get work for first time

EIGHT teenagers who have never worked before have landed full-time jobs through an apprenticeship scheme.

The 16 to 18-year-olds are carrying out paid one-year placements as part of the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation’s (IDCF) new NVQ course.

Fortnightly training sessions are also held to build up their skills.

Anhar Miah, 18, has a placement with St Matthias Community Centre, in Poplar High Street.

He helps coordinate everything from weddings and parties to elderly resident days out.

He said: “I really love my job. There are lots of different things going on that I can get involved with, so it’s not just admin.

“Every day is different and that is helping me develop my skills.”

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Another course member Alana Tram joined the scheme after deciding she wanted to go straight into work rather than down the college route.

The 18-year-old Alana got a job with the immigration service at Island Advice, in Roserton Street in the Isle of Dogs.

Other members of the scheme are learning to be caretakers and youth workers.

There are also plans for some of the trainees to spend time with larger Canary Wharf-based companies to give them a more rounded experience of business administration.