Toddlers cap bottles for Earth Day 2021 at Canary Wharf nursery

Yep, easy! I can do this... just got to get the lid on

Yep, easy! I can do this... - Credit: Bright Horizons

Children did their bit for Earth Day 2021 at Canary Wharf's Bright Horizons day nursery and preschool by playing with packaging before recycling it.

They were given new packaging to play with on April 22 to develop their fine motor skills.

It involved putting lids on bottles while encouraging each other. 

"Everything that we used was recycled at the end of the day,” nursery manager Casey McKeon explained.

“The children also neatly stacked boxes to make towers.”

The nursery in Bank Street now provides twice-weekly Covid-19 lateral flow tests for staff, along with Bright Horizons' 300 other preschools up and down the country, in line with government guidelines for early years' centres.

It focuses on creating learning environments to give toddlers the self-confidence ready for their school years through vocabulary and language skills.

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Playing with packaging and putting tops on bottles on Earth Day was part of its basic learning process of what makes things tick in this world.