Tooth Fairy’s palace being built at Queen Mary’s Centre of The Cell

Children are being asked to donate a Milk tooth to help build a fairy palace.

But they must also leave a note to the Tooth Fairy to let her know where it has gone when she calls in the night.

The appeal is all part of a project to create a magical sculpture out of Milk teeth at east London’s Centre of the Cell.

Artist Gina Czarnecki is creating a huge translucent ‘fairy palace’ from clear crystal-resin at Queen Mary University of London’s science education centre in Whitechapel.

But she needs Milk teeth for the art-science piece to grow over time to resemble a coral reef or stalagmite-like structure.

So the centre is appealing for children to help her out.

Its education manager Elizabeth Roche has put out a call to donate a single Milk tooth—once it comes out naturally.

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“Just make sure you still leave a note for the Tooth Fairy under the pillow,” she is urging youngsters. “That’s in case she wonders why teeth are disappearing all over London.”

The Centre of the Cell, part of the Blizard Building at Queen Mary’s Whitechapel campus, is running a summer programme from August 13 to 31 with shows and a ‘Secret World of Teeth’ workshop exploring why Milk teeth fall out and why scientists are so interested in them.

The two-and-a-half hour workshops are at 11.30am and at ‘tooth-hurty’—that’s 2.30pm—on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from August 14 to 31, lasting two-and-a-half hours. Places are free, but have to be booked by calling 020-7882 2566, or online at