Tower Hamlets children learn how to be ‘Junior Citizens’

Police officers teach primary school children about dangers of online grooming, train-surfing and ‘dangerous’ dogs

SAFETY on public transport, caring for ‘dangerous’ breeds of dogs and staying safe online were a few of the subjects discussed with Tower Hamlets primary school children at a series of police-organised events over the last two weeks. Pupils from 34 primary schools in the borough have attended Junior Citizens days at Tate & Lyle Sugars in Factory Road, Silvertown, and walked through mock-ups of London buses and trains to learn how to behave safely on public transport.

Tower Hamlets police officers also discussed the dangers of train-surfing on the DLR service, whereby children stand on the top of moving trains.

PC Steve Austin, a youth involvement officer, said: “Train-surfing is commonplace unfortunately and very dangerous.

“Children don’t think about overhead wires and low tunnels.”

Officers also talked to children about how to stay safe from online predators and gave them tips on how to best care for and deal with dog breeds such as Staffordshire bull terriers.

PC Austin said: “This is a great way that we can talk to 1200 pupils over two weeks.

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“Kids are buying staffs and not looking after them properly.

“We also teach them how to approach the dogs in the right way.”