UCL in deal with Canary Wharf Group to open new School of Management at Level38

UCL coming to Canary Wharf

UCL coming to Canary Wharf - Credit: CWG

One of London’s top international universities is setting up its new School of Management at Canary Wharf.

UCL coming to Canary Wharf

UCL coming to Canary Wharf - Credit: CWG

University College London reveals details today of its new postgraduate programme at Level38, high up in the One Canada Square tower.

The post-grad school to replace its existing Department of Management Science and Innovation at Bloomsbury significantly expands UCL’s research and teaching in business and management.

The university is taking over the whole of Level 38—around 28,400 sq ft—in a deal with Canary Wharf Group.

The post-grad school will focus on innovation, technology management, analytics and entrepreneurship with a carefully-curated curriculum and mentor programme.

Canary Wharf's 'Level39' start-up accellerator centre

Canary Wharf's 'Level39' start-up accellerator centre - Credit: CWG

Students get the benefit from being just one floor away from Canary Wharf’s Level39, Europe’s biggest fintech accelerator offering start-ups a strong growth environment, while getting access to technology corporates, banks and financial services.

“This provides a fertile environment for sharing knowledge and new ideas,” UCL’s Dean of Engineering Prof Anthony Finkelstein explained.

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“Students will benefit from resources at our Bloomsbury campus while having access at Level38 to firms and internships and develop relationships with globally-important companies in the heart of ‘corporate Canary Wharf’.”

Level39, one floor above, attracts 50,000 business visitors a year to events, which will give the post-graduates unique access to entrepreneurs, innovation and ‘thought leadership’ in technology.

Canary Wharf Group’s chairman Sir George Iacobescu said: “The agreement with UCL enables the brightest postgraduates to benefit from proximity to world-class financial and professional services institutions.

“They’ll experience ‘fusion’ between business and technology and have access to networks of business people, as well as the ‘technology’ corporates, entrepreneurs and innovators.”

The new School of Management opens for teaching from September next year. Undergraduate programmes continue at UCL’s Bloomsbury campus, but all students will be able to get the benefits at Canary Wharf.

Crossrail’s new Canary Wharf station opening in 2018 will give the post-graduates a fast link to the Bloomsbury campus near Tottenham Court Road in just 11 minutes.