Whitechapel made bell rings out in NY

London City workers marked the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks yesterday as a bell made in the East End rang out in New York.

The Bell of Hope was forged at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and sent as a gift from the City of London Corporation to its sister city in 2002.

The bell which hangs near Ground Zero at St Paul’s Chapel, the site of the rescue workers’ rest centre, sounded at 8.46am New York time—the moment five hijackers crashed the first plane into the World Trade Center.

Inscribed on the 650lb bell is: “To the greater glory of God and in recognition of the enduring links between the City of London and the city of New York. Forged in adversity - September 11, 2001.”

Corporation Policy Chairman Stuart Fraser, said: “Our support and sympathy goes out to all those affected —and to their families, who must always bear the weight of their grief and loss. Across London many City workers marked this day in their own private way.”

Sir Michael Oliver, who was Lord Mayor at the time of the attacks, said: “Workers in the City were touched deeply by the attacks. There were people in those buildings who were talking to their work colleagues in London when the attack happened —and no-one here will ever forget that.”