Youth Theatre warns school pupils in Tower Hamlets about dangerous roads and traffic

A theatre is Limehouse is touring schools in Tower Hamlets to confront pupils with the harsh realities of serious injury and death on the borough’s roads.

Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, based at White Horse Road, is trying to engage with students through an interactive play exploring road safety.

The play More Important Things deals with the impact that serious injury and death can have upon the lives of young people, families and friends. Students are able to suggest different outcomes that are then re-enacted by the cast.

The play has been developed with Year seven students at Bethnal Green Academy to ensure the voices and real experiences of young people are reflected in the show.

The project touring primary and secondary schools until the end of March is run in partnership with Tower Hamlets’ Road Safety Team and Transport for London.

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The play is being directed by Half Moon’s Associate Director, Angela Michaels, with a cast of three professional actors: Amy Costello, Sapphire Joy and Divian Ladwa.

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