Ex-rocker Marc Gooderham’s decaying East End gets him an art show

Marc Gooderham's 'The Music Maker' [Wilton's]

Marc Gooderham's 'The Music Maker' [Wilton's] - Credit: Marc Gooderham

Ex-rock drummer Marc Gooderham’s eye for run-down architecture in London’s East End has got him a public art show—in the heart of a district which has seen more than a fair share of decay.

Marc Gooderham's 'On The Edge of Brick Lane' (Fournier St)

Marc Gooderham's 'On The Edge of Brick Lane' (Fournier St) - Credit: Marc Gooderham

His brushwork is being exhibited for a three-week stint at The Town House gallery in Spitalfields which opens on Thursday.

The show includes 15 images of street scenes including the famous Wilton’s Music Hall and Fournier Street where the exhibition is being staged.

Marc originally trained at art college but gave it all up, enticed by the glitz of rock.

“I exchanged my brushes for drumsticks and released albums and singles to phenomenal commercial indifference,” he admits.

“I have now returned to my first love of painting following this ‘sabbatical’ in the heady world of rock’n’roll.”

He works from his sketches, touring the streets to capture “the beauty in those neglected buildings” as the living city evolves around them.

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“I try to capture a certain sadness in the buildings,” he adds. “Above our heads is the crumbling and faded grandeur that most of us pass by without a second glance.”

But passers-by can have a second glance at Marc’s cityscapes at The Town House at 5 Fournier Street, Spitalfields, until July 21—then compare them to some of the decaying buildings around them.