Exhibition by ‘Britain’s Annie Leiboviz’ in Canary Wharf

PHOTOS taken by the man dubbed “Britain’s answer to Annie Leibovitz” are to go on shown in Canary Wharf.

The exhibition of work by Cambridge Jones will be on display in the lobby of One Canada Square from September 14.

He has captured the likes of actors Sir Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen among many others in a display that also includes audio recordings of the subjects describing the inspiration for their success.

“I want a visual connection between the viewer and the subject, often jumping out of the frame,” said Cambridge. “I am pleased when they walk out of a session an hour or so later and comment that they don’t feel they have been photographed. It’s almost incidental that the encounter involved a camera.”

Each of the talking pictures subjects share a passion for Wales, with the free exhibition produced by the Welsh Assembly Government.