‘Fake Busters’ grab awards for tracking down East End’s dodgy goods

Fake Busters... Tower Hamlets anti-counterfeit Trading Standards team

Fake Busters... Tower Hamlets anti-counterfeit Trading Standards team - Credit: THC

Meet the ‘Fake Busters’ from your local town hall—they keep the streets of London’s East End “safe from dodgy deals” so shoppers won’t be saddled with copycat goods.

Like Ghost Busters, the men and women from Tower Hamlets trading standards squad are out to cage the ghouls who con the public with counterfeits—everything from toothpaste to mobile phones, cigarettes to CDs and even spare car parts.

Now they have captured top industry awards for preventing moody merchandise moving onto their manor.

They scooped the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group award last week for their enforcement after previously getting industry awards at July’s Trading Standards conference, helping to combat counterfeit piracy worldwide.

The council’s top sleuth, Sean Rovai, was on the trail for an “individual excellence” award in tracking down fakers.

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Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs said: “Our trading standards team has worked hard to get this formal recognition.”

His trading standards enforcers collaborate with lawyers, trademark agents and brand protection specialists on a worldwide enforcement operation.

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They took away their latest Global Anti-Counterfeiting award for a close look—making sure it was the real thing.

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