Family of Bow girl who fell from tower block had reported faulty windows, friends claim

Leanne Minick’s mother had “begged and pleaded” with her landlords to fix her faulty windows, according to friends.

However, the head of Old Ford Housing Association said staff had no evidence of requests for repairs for the past two years.

Claire Sicberras is too distraught about her daughter’s death on to talk, but friends said she had reported faulty windows and had been waiting weeks for a response.

The eight-year-old fell 15 storeys to her death from a bedroom window in Sandall House, Daling Way, Bow on Saturday afternoon.

Steve Potter, 41, whose 11-year-old daughter found Leanne along with another child, said: “If a lock had been put on that window she wouldn’t have fallen down.

“You report things and you wait weeks and weeks, we get sick and tired of waiting for something to be done.”

Old Ford managing director June Morton extended her sympathies to Leanne’s family but said the association had gone through their records and found no outstanding repair requests in the block.

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“We are very sorry for her family and we really feel that it’s a tragic set of circumstances,” she said.

But Ms Morton said no action would be taken over the safety concerns until the full circumstances of Leanne’s death were known.

Sandall House is full of families, many with young children. They say they have been worried about safety for years.

Ms Morton said emergency repairs were done within 24 hours. She added that Old Ford had no plans to move young children from higher flats as homes was allocated through a choice-based scheme.

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