February 29th dating hopeful sets up shop in Spitalfields

February 29th may traditionally be the date when romantic women seize the bull by the horns but one male singleton has decided to make his own grand gesture.

Andrew Thomas is so fed up of being alone he is setting up shop in Spitalfields tomorrow and hoping the fairer sex will turn up in their droves to meet him.

And he’s got high hopes for a decent turnout.

A YouTube video the 35-year-old made to tell people more about his plight has so far earned almost 15,000 hits and he has had more than 700 people follow him on Twitter in the last week.

Mr Thomas, who works for advertising firm Fold7 in north London, said: “I’m a single guy living in London and it’s hard to meet women. Work in an advertising agency, they tell us to come up with crazy ideas and I got thinking, if I can’t market myself then what can I market?

“I’m not very good at going up to girls in bars and because it’s a special day, I don’t have to go up to them.

“There’s no hidden agenda, it’s just me being creative and doing something about being single.”

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The Welshman said he chose the area because he wants to meet a creative type and believes it has the right arty credentials.

But will he accept any proposals?

“If someone comes up to me something will happen,” he promised.

“I will definitely have a surprise for them. I can’t let on what it is but it will be quite spectacular.”

The plucky romantic will be standing outside the goat statue in Crispin Place from 8am from tomorrow morning until the evening.