Ferret goes missing—believed stolen—from Spitalfields city farm

THIS is little Peach, curled up on his own, the heartbroken’ ferret whose girlfriend friend Plum was stolen from an urban farm in London’s East End. Staff at Spitalfields City Farm are concerned that Peach now his friend has gone

By Kier Mudie

THIS is little Peach, curled up on his own, the heartbroken’ ferret whose girlfriend Plum was abducted’ and stolen from Spitalfields City Farm.

Staff at the farm off Brick Lane are concerned that Peach, a sociable and friendly creature, will suffer after his sweetheart may have been ferreted away’ by an intruder.

Plum was believed to have been snatched in a break-in last night (Thurs) by a suspect they think had visited earlier.

“We had a visit from a man on Wednesday asking all sorts of questions about ferrets,” said farm animal manager Helen Galland. “He even offered to buy Plum.

“It seems a coincidence that Plum should go missing just a few hours later.”

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Plum has lots of fats and has been visited by thousands of children every year. She has even become a star on Youtube in a video called Ferret Frolics.’

“Plum is not just an animal,” Helen explained. “She’s our pet and everyone just wants her to come back safely.

“Ferrets are very sociable animals and this theft has left Peach heartbroken.”

Staff are offering a small reward for anyone who can help with Plum’s return. Spitalfields City Farm, a charity that gets 18,000 visitors a year, can be contacted on 020-7247 8762. Police are investigating the theft.

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