Fire stations that might close depend on how much needs to be saved

Dear Ed... I read with interest the Advertiser front-page story about the potential closure of Bow and Whitechapel fire stations, which was based on a leaked document that gave a number of examples of how different amounts of money might be saved (Advertiser, October, 25).

The London Fire Brigade will have to make some savings next year. However, due to the way fire cover in London is arranged, any stations that might close would vary depending on how much money needs to be saved.

At this time, the Brigade does not know the final amount of money it will have to save, so it is far too early to start naming any stations as definitely likely to close or fire engines that will be withdrawn from service. We expect to have more details of potential savings and their possible impact in January and when more information is known I will be happy to talk to residents about them.

Bruce Epsly

LFB Borough Commander for Tower Hamlets

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