First buyer signs up for new home on Stepney’s �200m Ocean revamp

The first buyer has been confirmed for a new home in the four-year redevelopment of the East End’s biggest housing estate. The property is being built as part of Stepney’s Ocean regeneration now an eighth of the way through.

A tenant already living on the estate is the first buyer of one of the 800 new properties for sale who will be able to move in early in 2013.

Another 1,200 older properties are being refurbished. The 250th home getting a total ‘makeover’ was also completed this week on the massive estate stretching from the Mile End Road down to Ben Jonson Road and beyond.

John and Irene Kew, who have lived in the East End 55 years, have a new kitchen and bathroom completed in just 20 days.

Tower Hamlets Mayor of Lutfur Rahman said: “This regeneration will bring life-changing improvements to hundreds of families.”

The older properties are being refurbished as part of the �200 million scheme by Tower Hamlets Council in a partnership with East Thames housing association and Wates contractors to bring them up to ‘a decent standard’ over the next two years, in addition to the new homes for sale which are now under construction.