Fishy business in Bow as tiny Garrarufa ‘doctor’ fish nibble your feet

A new spa has opened in the East End where you plunge your feet into a tank and have dozens of little fish nibble away at them.

Moshiur Rahman got the idea while on holiday in Turkey, where the treatment was invented.

Dozens of customers turned up when he opened his Aqua Feet parlour in Roman Road in Bow last Thursday.

“I didn’t really think it would materialise,” said the 25-year-old IT entrepreneur. “But I was determined to see it through.

“This natural pedicure is a new treatment that works on hardened skin and works particularly well on eczema and psoriasis.”

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He has imported 1,500 tiny Garrarufa fish, known in Turkey as doctor fish, that swim in the 10 filtered tanks he has set up.

Staff wash customers’ feet first before they are dipped into the tepid water—and the little ‘doctor’ fish go to work straight away, nibbling heels, soles and between toes, cleaning off the hard stuff.

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