Fixed fee divorce service makes its Tower Hamlets and Docklands debut

Couples now have a cheaper alternative for legal advice

Couples now have a cheaper alternative for legal advice - Credit: Archant

An alternative “fixed-fee” divorce service is being offered for the first time in East London to provide a cheaper alternative to usual high fees which separating couples are charged.

The launch today (Jan 2) of the service coincided with what has been coined by lawyers as “divorce day”, as it’s the most common day for couples who have been struggling over the festive period to call time on their marriage.

It is estimated that with the cost of hiring separate lawyers, couples can be confronted with fees of up to £10,000 each.

Docklands law firm Alexander JLO Solicitors and Mile End firm TV Edwards are now providing a new service, called Lawyer Supported Mediation, for less than £5000.

This arrangement meets the demand for legal advice and combines it with speaking to a family mediator to settle disputes out of court. The fee pays for fixed contact time with lawyers and mediators as well as administration costs.

Marc Lopatin, founder of Lawyer Supported said: “It’s a little known fact that family mediation is very effective at resolving disputes arising from divorce.

“In 2012/13, over two thirds of separating couples beginning mediation went on to reach agreement.”

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He explained that although the method had been around for a while, changes in family law meant an increase in availability and “joining some very simple dots that haven’t been there before.”

The structured arrangement allows firms to be transparent regarding cost.

Denise Ingamells, head of family mediation at TV Edwards, added: “Combining legal advice with mediation is long overdue for separating families who can’t afford lawyers to do everything for them.

“Lawyer Supported Mediation is an ideal alternative for keeping fees down and staying out of court.”

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