Four Tube strikes to hit commuters in a fortnight, union says

Another round of Tube strikes on rush-hour services has today been announced by a union.

Transport union RMT claims one of its sacked drivers, Arwyn Thomas, has been victimised by London Underground and is fighting for him to be reinstated.

The union warned its drivers will walk out on four occasions between June 19 and July 1 unless an agreement is made.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow accused Tube bosses of “dragging their heels” over Mr Thomas’s case but LU bosses say they are waiting for the outcome of the tribunal, which has been adjourned until the end of the month.

Members will walk-out from 9pm on Sunday June 19 running into the early hours of Monday.

They will then picket again on Monday 27 June for a 12-hour stint from 12pm.

This will be followed by another walk-out from midday to midnight on Wednesday 29 June and from midday to 9pm on Friday July 1.

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Mr Crow added: “This is a clear cut case of victimisation and RMT calls on London Underground once again to stop the delaying tactics, and the continuing waste of hundreds of thousands of pounds that they have thrown at this case.”

A London Underground spokesperson said: “It is completely mystifying that, having agreed with LU that the tribunal process should take its course, the RMT is now threatening strikes.”

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