Four wives Sharia law is no utopia

Dear Ed... It has been a religious revelation watching on BBC TV ‘My Brother the Islamist’, listening to and reading the witterings in the media of Tower Hamlets resident Richard Dart (BBC3, April 4).

I have to question a teensy weensey bit of his extremism. It was refreshing to be informed that I can have four wives when Sharia law descends in this country.

But let me point out that any religion telling you to have four wives is certainly one I have no intention of embracing, as working out the madness of one wife is more than enough for any man.

The real good bit is Dart telling us that when Sharia law descends I can have a bungalow for each of them.

However, maybe Dart has missed the point, pun intended. If Sharia law does descend, then we will all be like Mr Dart and living off the State.

So who will pay? More to the point, who will get off their rear end and build these bungalows? Ah well, back to the religious drawing board!

Hold on a minute—what if our four wives are brickies and carpenters? Just an idea to try help you get that Sharia Utopia, Mr Dart.

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John Rush

Lilley Close


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