Friend tells of horror as Leanne fell 15 floors to her death

A MOTHER described her horror when her 11-year-old son found a girl who fell 15 storeys to her death from a tower block.

Friend of the family, Claire Spindler, 29, said at first she did not believe her boy, Georgie, when he told her the girl, named locally as Leanne, was lying mortally injured on the floor outside their tower block on Saturday.

“He heard a bang when he was outside playing with friends and they went round to take a look on their scooters,” Mrs Spindler said. “Then he saw Leanne lying on the floor and came up to tell me.”

Mrs Spindler’s husband Danny immediately rushed outside Sandall House in Daling Way, Bow with another neighbour and held the girl, while she took care of Leanne’s little brother, Harry, who is nearly two.

“Danny was kneeling down on the floor cuddling her and talking to her. I don’t think she could hear but he talked to her anyway.

“All that little girl ever wanted a hug and that was the last hug she got. He held her until the paramedics arrived.

“They worked so hard with her, they really tried their best.

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“It’s so awful but at least she didn’t die alone.”

Mrs Spindler said her husband spent all Saturday night crying over the death and is now haunted by Leanne’s face.

Her son has been offered counselling by his school.

The couple, and Mrs Spindler’s mother Valerie Spindler who they live with knew the family well and used to take Leanne to school.

“Everybody in this block knew her. She was a cheeky little girl but that’s what made her Leanne.

“She was a very kind and caring girl too. She liked looking after my daughter Lily-Rose and playing with her.

“Lily-Rose keeps asking for her. I don’t know what to say, except to say she’s in the stars.”

Friend Sally Gray, 40, also a Sandall House resident, said Leanne was bright beyond her years.

“She would ask you things that an adult would ask you. She doted on her brother Harry and was really good with him.”

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