Further strikes could hit Jubilee Line

Further Tube strikes could be on the way for the Jubilee Line as a union announces it is to ballot its members.

The RMT union today accused London Underground bosses of attempting to “ride roughshod over agreed safety procedures”.

It said drivers were being asked to ignore agreed safety guidelines to try and clear the increasingly frequent blockages on the track.

But Tube bosses hit back at the union for “scaremongering” and said the new signalling system’s technology does not require the same safety procedures.

The previous system required a staff member to check secure points after a breakdown.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The solution to the growing problems on the Jubilee Line is to tackle the core faults with the fleet and operating systems that the failure of tube privatisation has lumbered us with - cutting corners on safety procedures is a guaranteed recipe for making a bad situation even worse.”

A spokesperson for London Underground said: “The new signalling control system removes the need to send staff to secure points and allows us to get trains into stations much more quickly and safely than we could before.”

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RMT union announced earlier this week it is striking on six separate days starting in two weeks time over the sacking of two staff members.