Giant crayon sculptures pop up for 2012 Olympics

Giant crayon-shaped pillars have appeared along one of the River Lea tributaries next to London’s Olympic stadium.

The 35 structures in blue, brown, green, orange and red that rise from the tidal Waterworks River near the Bow Bridge are the first artworks to be completed in the Olympic Park, ready for the summer Games.

The obelisks described by the Olympics authority as “crayons” reach as high as 15ft, made from the same durable material as navigational buoys.

They have been created by east London artist Keith Wilson, from Hackney, who said: “These totems will help create a distinctive identity for this newest of parks, anchoring memories of many a good day out.”

Observers wondering what the giant ‘crayons’ will be used for after the Games can chalk it up to mooring posts fastened to pontoons for pleasure boats along the waterway.

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