Gloves off as 10 square up for 'London Mayor' title fight

PUBLISHED: 18:21 02 April 2008 | UPDATED: 13:09 05 October 2010

THE gloves were off today as the final list closed of 10 wannabe Mayor of London candidates who are after Ken Livingstone's job, Ken included. The end of the withdrawal period was at midday today, so the die is cast for the May 1 City Hall elections

By Mike Brooke

THE gloves are off now the final list has closed of 10 wannabe Mayor of London candidates who are after Ken Livingstone's job, Ken included.

The end of the 'withdrawal' period was at midday, April 2, so the die is cast.

The candidates vying for the 'hot seat' at City Hall in the May 1 elections come from the extreme Right to the extreme Left, with mainstream and sidestream parties in between.

Whoever makes it to the mayor's equivalent of the 'Oval Office' would control London's huge £11.3 billion public purse that's bigger than the national budgets of each of 100 small countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

They would have a room with a view, somewhere around the ninth floor in the 'walnut whip'-shaped glass and concrete City Hall on the opposite riverbank to the ancient Tower of London that, when viewed from Tower Bridge, appears to lean to the Left.

Others viewing City Hall from London Bridge in the opposite direction might see it lean to the Right.


Richard Barnbrook (British National)

Gerard Batten (UK Independence)

Siân Berry (Green)

Alan Craig (Christian Alliance)

Lindsey German (Left List)

Boris Johnson (Conservative)

Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Winston McKenzie (Independent)

Matt O'Connor (English Democrat)

Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat)


TODAY was also the deadline for the London Assembly, which goes to the polls the same day, May 1.


Abolish Congestion Charge

Chris Prior

British National

Richard Barnbrook, Robert Bailey, Julian Leppert, Roberta Woods, Dennis Pearce, Christopher Forster, Jeffrey Marshall, Clifford Le May, Lawrence Rustem, John Clarke

Christian Choice

Alan Craig, Paula Warren, David Campanale, Geoffrey Macharia, Stephen Hammond, Maxine Hargreaves, Sue May, Segun Johnson, Tom Conquest, Zena Sherman, Peter Vickers


Andrew Boff, Victoria Borwick, Gareth Bacon, Edmond Yeo, Jane Archer, Kwasi Kwarteng, Benjamin Everitt, Andrew Stranack, Adrian Knowles

English Democrats

Roger Cooper, Steven Uncles, Leo Brookes, Sati Chaggar, Janus Polenceus, Arvind Tailor, Teresa Cannon, Johanna Munilla, Richard Castle, David Stevens, Carol White, John Dodds, Alex Vaughan, Ursula Polenceus, Kathie Broughton, John Griffiths, Liz Painter, Paul Szatmari, James Ware, Steve Scott, Nichole Vaughan, Peter Tate, Matt O'Connor


Jenny Jones, Darren Johnson, Noel Lynch, Siân Berry, Shane Collins, Laura Davenport, Shahrar Ali, Yen Chit Chong, Miranda Dunn, Adrian Oliver, Jon Nott


Nicky Gavron, Murad Qureshi, John Biggs, Len Duvall, Jennette Arnold, Val Shawcross, Joanne McCartney, Navin Shah, Ranjit Dheer, Balvinder Saund, Leonie Cooper, Ansuya Sodha, Shafi Khan, Alex Heslop

Left List

Lindsey German, Oliur Rahman, Rania Khan, Carole Vincent, Salvinder Dhillon, Sait Akgul, Elaine Graham-Leigh, Kumar Murshid, Glyn Robbins, Berlyne Hamilton, Katt Young, Paul Fredericks, Pat McManus, Tansy Hoskins, Mukul Hira, Pat Stack, Sultana Begum, Mujgan Kazeroonian

Liberal Democrats

Michael Tuffrey, Dee Doocey, Caroline Pidgeon, Jeremy Ambache, Geoffrey Pope, Benjamin Abbotts, Stephen Knight, Shas Sheehan, Duncan Borrowman, Monica Whyte, Merlene Emerson

One London

Damian Hockney, Peter Hulme Cross, Robert Hough, Helena Nelson, Martin Rutter

Respect (Galloway)

George Galloway, Linda Smith, Abdul Sheikh, Zakaria Abdi, Sabia Kamali, Abdurahman Jafar, Carole Swords, Hanif Abdulmuhit, John Mulrenan, Mohammed Rashid, Margot Lindsay, Anthony Collins

UK Independence

Lawrence Webb, Kathleen Garner, Michael McGough, Ralph Atkinson, Jens Winton, Arnold Tarling, Peter Dul, John Bailey, Mick Greenhough, Jonathan Serter, Magnus Nielsen, Sunita Webb, Lynnda Robson

Unity for Peace & Socialism

Christiane Ohsan, Pauline Fraser, Avtar Uppal, Ivan Beavis, Mohammed Khan, Jean Turner, Sarwan Singh, Harunor Rashid, Monty Goldman, Peter Latham, Philip Brand, Charlie May, Eleni Geropanagioti


Rathy Alagaratnam



City and East (City of London, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking & Dagenham)

Hanif Abdulmuhit (Respect-Galloway)

Robert Bailey (British National)

John Biggs (Labour)

Philip Briscoe (Conservative)

Thomas Conquest (Christian Alliance)

Julie Crawford (independent)

Heather Finlay (Green)

Michael Gavan (Left List)

John Griffiths (English Democrat)

Rajonuddin Jalal (Liberal Democrat)

Graham Kemp (National Front)

Michael McGough (UK Independence)


North East (Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest)

Jennette Arnold (Labour)

John Dodds (English Democrat)

Meral Ece (Liberal Democrat)

Alexander Ellis (Conservative)

Aled Fisher (Green)

Maxine Hargreaves (Christian Alliance)

Nicholas Jones (UK Independence)

Unjum Mirza (Left List)


South West (Hounslow, Richmond, Kingston)

Tony Arbour (Conservative)

Andrew Constantine (Free England)

Roger Cooper (English Democrat)

Andrew Cripps (National Front)

Peter Dul (UK Independence Party)

Tansy Hoskins (Left List)

John Hunt (Green)

Stephen Knight (Liberal Democrats)

Sue May (Christian Alliance)

Ansuya Sodha (Labour)


West Central (Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham)

Abby Dharamsey (Independent)

Merlene Emerson (Liberal Democrat)

Kit Malthouse (Conservative)

Explo Nani-Kofi (Left List)

Murad Qureshi (Labour)

Julia Stephenson (Green)

Alex Vaughan (English Democrat)

Paul Wiffen (UK Independence)


Barnet & Camden

Clement Adebayo (Christian Alliance)

Brian Coleman (Conservative)

Graham Dare (Veritas)

Miranda Dunn (Green)

Nicky Gavron (Labour)

Dave Hoefling (Left List)

Magnus Nielsen (UK Independence)

Nick Russell (Liberal Democrat)

David Stevens (English Democrat)


Bexley & Bromley

James Cleverly (Conservative)

David Davis (Left List)

Ann Garrett (Green)

Mick Greenhough (UK Independence)

John Hemming-Clark (Save Q/Mary's Hospital)

Alex Heslop (Labour)

Tom Papworth (Liberal Democrat)

Miranda Suit (Christian Alliance)

Steven Uncles (English Democrat)

Paul Winnett (National Front)


Brent & Harrow

Shahrar Ali (Green)

James Allie (Liberal Democrats)

Bob Blackman (Conservative)

Pat McManus (Left List)

Navin Shah (Labour)

Zena Sherman (Christian Alliance)

Arvind Tailor (English Democrat)

Sunita Webb (UK Independence)


Croydon & Sutton

David Campanale (Christian Alliance)

Richard Castle (English Democrat)

Zana Hussain (Left List)

Shafi Khan (Labour)

Shasha Khan (Green)

Abigail Lock (Liberal Democrat)

Stephen O'Connell (Conservative)

David Pickles (UK Independence)


Ealing & Hillingdon

Nigel Bakhai (Liberal Democrat)

Richard Barnes (Conservative)

Mary Boyle (Christian Alliance)

Sati Chaggar (English Democrat)

Ranjit Dheer (Labour)

Salvinder Dhillon (Left List)

Ian Edward (National Front)

Sarah Edwards (Green)

Lynnda Robson (UK Independence)


Enfield & Haringey

Sait Akgul (Left List)

Teresa Cannon (English Democrat)

Brian Hall (UK Independence)

Segun Johnson (Christian Alliance)

Matthew Laban (Conservative)

Pete McAskie (Green)

Joanne McCartney (Labour)

Monica Whyte (Liberal Democrat)


Greenwich & Lewisham

Tess Culnane (National Front)

Len Duvall (Labour)

Chris Flood (Socialist Alternative)

Stephen Hammond (Christian Alliance)

Andy Jennings (Conservative)

Jennifer Jones (Left List)

Susan Luxton (Green)

Johanna Munilla (English Democrat)

Brian Robson (Liberal Democrat)

Arnold Tarling (UK Independence)


Havering & Redbridge

Leo Brookes (English Democrat)

Roger Evans (Conservative)

Ashley Gunstock (Green)

Farrukh Islam (Liberal Democrat)

Balvinder Saund (Labour)

Dr Peter Thorogood (Independent)

Carole Vincent (Left List)

Paula Warren (Christian Alliance)

Lawrence Webb (UK Independence)


Lambeth & Southwark

Shane Collins (Green)

Jasmijn De Boo (Animals Count)

Shirley Houghton (Conservative)

Daniel Lambert (Socialist)

Geoffrey Macharia (Christian Alliance)

Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat)

Janus Polenceus (English Democrat)

Valerie Shawcross (Labour)

Jens Winton (UK Independence)

Katt Young (Left List)


Merton & Wandsworth

Leonie Cooper (Labour)

Ellen Greco (Christian Alliance)

Strachan McDonald (UK Independence)

Steve Scott (English Democrat)

Shas Sheehan (Liberal Democrat)

Kris Stewart (Left List)

Richard Tracey (Conservative)

Roy Vickery (Green)


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